What are we aiming for?

With the globalisation of Australian education industry producing skilled global workforce, we are aiming to establish ourselves as an international brand focused on building a diverse client base and explore the global opportunity. This will be possible with our well trained and experienced professionals. We are aiming at delivering better counselling and consulting facilities with abundant access to information believing in the strength of knowledge. The project is drafted and is in progress. With current progress rate in work, we believe we will soon claim our market share in global market.

Australia as is playing a key role in fulfilling projected a global shortage of 85 million medium and high skilled workforce by the year 2020 through its education and training system, it can be concluded that the growth rate of Australian education industry will not be limited to 3.8% but will be higher than expected. As per our research and analysis based on SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunity and Threat) principles, we have discovered our potential opportunity in the market and we believe we will outperform. This is largely because we are a team of young and motivated professionals and subject matter expertise having current industry experience and data obtained from standard research protocol. Therefore, we are hoping to grow as a global brand in near future.

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At eduhub Global , WE use a unique blend of data analytics and industry experience to make the visa and education process seamless and successful. We strongly believe in creating a win-win outcome with our clients

Bikash, Eduhub Global